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The Simple 3-Step Method to Discover Your Values and Bring Clarity to Your Decision-Making 

Find Your Values, Find Yourself: The Simple 3-Step Method To Discover Your Values is a brief and actionable guide which helps you discover your personal values in one sitting.  

The book provides you a list of values to use and gives real-life examples of people going through the process of finding and living their values. 

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Thank you. It is beautiful. I have my notes everywhere and I am trying to apply my values in real life. 

The method described in the book is really nicely balanced; the author does not overwhelm you with details and leaves room for the reader to think for themselves. 

Camilla John

Find Your Values, Find Yourself made me realize many of my personal values are  very work-related, which does not fit with my other values overall.

These are important things I actually have been missing in my life and the book helped me see it. 

Pavlina Goncalves

Find Your Values is short, clear and to the point. It's very useful for anyone - as it is living by your values in all areas of your life that you can find fulfillment.

I need to write my values on my wall. 

Emily Chen, 


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Tech Career Coach & Author

Hana Wurzelova is a nonfiction author and career coach and a former nuclear scientist and top management consultant. She is also a mother of two amazing daughters. 

Hana has been pursuing many various passions—monitoring antimatter research, walking across Spain, driving from Europe to Mongolia, and managing giant international mergers—over the course of her life and enjoyed each of them in a different way. Now she helps others follow their heart and live their lives to the fullest. 

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I am sorry to inform you that my current coaching capacity is fully booked.

Before we can talk in person, you can read my new book Find Your Values, Find Yourself: The Simple 3-Step Method to Discover Your Values. The book is a short, refreshing, and yet very helpful guide to yourself. I will be happy to hear how the method worked for you either in the reviews or directly over email.


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